The Mission of Hanppuri is to promote fellowship among the Korean International students at Yale, and furthermore reaching out into the larger Yale community by hosting various events and trips throughout the year. We try to welcome freshmen into the community by hosting an Orientation Trip in the Summer in Korea, as well as a Membership Trip in the Fall. We also have different events on Yale campus as well as in Korea, trying to create a bridge between the two cultures.

Hanppuri 2011 - It only gets better.

Welcome to the website for Hanppuri: Korean International Students at Yale.

Browse around, have fun, and contact us if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.

The Board for Hanppuri for the year 2010 claimed to be the Best Board ever. NOT.

We are the ones you were waiting for: please welcome the Hanppuri Board 2011!



한뿌리 웹사이트를 방문해주셔서 감사합니다.

작년보다도 더더욱 뛰어난 멤버들로 구성된 보드를 소개해드립니다.



 BOARD MEMBERS [photos coming soon!]



Yoonji Woo. 우윤지 (...물인지...술?인지...)


 President. 회장님.

 Timothy Dwight, Class of 2013.

 American School of Paris.

 Seoul, Korea. 서울.




 TJ Park. 박티.

 Vice President. 부회장님.

 Branford, Class of 2013.

 Ward Melville Senior High School

 Daejeon, Korea. 대전.




 Jeeseon Oh. 오재~즈.


 Treasurer. 회계.

 Silliman, Class of 2014.

 DFLHS. 대원외고.

 Seoul, Korea. 서울. (아님 말고.)




 Yoonjoo Lee. 이윤주.

 Secretary. 총무.

 Pierson, Class of 2012.

 Bergen Academy.

 New Jersey. 뉴!!!저지.




 Eugene Jung. 정유진.


 Social Butterfly. 사회나방.

 Morse, Class of 2014.

 HFLHS. 한영외고.

 Seoul, Korea. 서울.




 Eun Sung Yang. 양은성.


 Alumni Chair. 동문 부장님(?).

 Timothy Dwight, Class of 2014.

 KMLA. 민사고.

 Busan, Korea. 부산.